Is Direct Mail and Promotion Marketing Dead?

Mail and Promotional Marketing expert Phil Claps CEO of KC Printing in Barrington IL stated �I have heard again and again that TV died when streaming video stumbled on the web. Yet somehow these industries are growing and are providing more quality for purchasers who advertise. So Is Direct Mail and Promotion Marketing Dead?


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( — June 3, 2013) Barrington, IL — Phil Claps And the Business KC Printing in Barrington IL answers the issue �Is Mail and Promotion Marketing Dead?”

The reason business owners feel mail is dead is due to the kind of mail they may be sending and their message. 64% of shoppers said they valued the mail they received, only 36% of business owners believed customers valued their mailings, according to a recently available USPS poll.


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Here�s a great article on mail statistics by Jean Grunert, of Demand Media, some pertinent info for business mailings and a few interesting stats. Simply, it�s among the best information on developing a sustainable company. The issue now isn�t who has the best product but that has the most effective online strategy to advertise their product or services.

Phil Claps CEO of KC Printing in Barrington IL stated �In the past year we have seen Unsolicited mail response rates increase significantly. The most important part of your mail campaign can be your call-to-action. Customers need to have a supply of in touch with you easily or the entire campaign is a failure. You have to find a way to motivate these to have more information, buy now or schedule an appointment. �

�78% of households either read or scan advertising mail sent to their household.� ~ USPS Household Diary Study

Marketing is all about a number of activities that can help prospects build rely upon your brand. It will take several make an effort to close sales regardless of what platform you are using. Remember you’re not selling a product or service you’re offering a solution to a challenge.

During our interview Phil Claps stated “I recommend you have your marketing message reviewed by a professional firm, measure your results and don�t stop trying after one try. This gives the highest probability to attain your primary goal.”

After you have prospects inside your funnel it is important to get Promotional gifts into your prospects hand. Promotional gifts are still going strong. Whilst many individuals assumed that form of advertising and marketing was dead within the water the opposite is, in fact, true as promotional gifts continue to be an incredibly powerful advertising tool.

Promotional gifts allow people to see your brand and associate your brand. The harder people who discover your brand the higher results you will observe running a business and sales.


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As time passed, we added sales people, branded appeal, and promotional products.

Because the printing world changed, we embraced technology and committed to digital printing equipment to continue offering the best outcome!

Our business continued to grow, snowballing into dreaded commercial press and bindery-that means we are able to handle any job 😉

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But our secret’s that we always remember where we came from. I bear in mind exactly what it was like working from my apartment.

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